The Crabchurch Conspiracy Album

In 2009, the renowned celtic folk band, The Dolmen released ‘The Crabchurch Conspiracy’ in collaboration with Mark Vine and Professor Ronald Hutton.

This album was never meant to be in the strict musical style of the 17th century or civil war period, but rather an album of songs wholly inspired by that time and in particular, by the incredible events surrounding an episode in Dorset’s Civil War history known as The Crabchurch Conspiracy. The songs pay respect to the characters connected with the Crabchurch Conspiracy, but from a modern perspective.

The songs on this album commemorate the bravery and tenacity of the Sydenham brothers and their staunch men and also recall some of the grisly events that occurred during the month long engagement and the final Battle of Weymouth.

It cannot be hoped to deliver a full account of the complicated and protracted events of the Crabchurch Conspiracy on this CD, but hopefully, The Dolmen conjure a flavour of the times and in their own way, pay homage to the brave souls of both sides who fought for what they believed in and, in many cases, paid the ultimate price.

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